What is Bonham Strand?

  • Bonham Strand is a bespoke menswear social enterprise designed to be a commercially-sustainable and scalable way to create well paying, rewarding and stable career opportunities for Hong Kong’s master tailors, displaced garment workers and at risk local youth including those fighting drug addiction.
  • High quality suits and shirts at very market-competitive prices, 100% Made in Hong Kong and unconditionally guaranteed apparel.
  • The Company has forged strong partnerships with industry and community leaders and embraced innovative marketing, modern management, accelerated product development and production global best practices to help ensure commercial success while providing significantly better economics to its valued artisans.

Bonham Strand’s Mission

  • Create a new and viable business model for Hong Kong’s bespoke industry that allows for significantly higher compensated and more stable and long term career opportunities for disenfranchised groups.
  • Ensure a productive and positive work environment conducive to high productivity and knowledge transfer from one generation to the next.
  • Restore legitimacy and value to the Made in Hong Kong brand.
  • Successfully grow its business to employ hundreds of artisans within the first five years of operation and to prove the viability of its business model to encourage other industry players to adopt and further increase the viability of the industry and long term economic opportunities for artisans.

Why Bespoke Tailoring?

  • Hong Kong has been known world wide for high quality bespoke apparel, but this local industry has been in decline for decades while global demand and interest in quality bespoke products has increased.
  • The local bespoke industry represents a classic distressed turnaround scenario where incumbent market players have failed to properly invest in long term brand development, talent and knowledge transfer or product and process innovation resulting in a poorly and inconsistently compensated and rapidly aging and declining number of artisans.
  • HongKong’s underappreciated and undervalued community of local master tailors can still provide top quality traditional craftsmanship and transfer knowledge to future master tailors.

What makes Bonham Strand Different?

  • Bonham Strand’s business model isn’t designed to provide charity but to identify appropriate individuals with a background or profile appropriate for the industry and to create a positive and productive environment and conducive to knowledge transfer to generate greater value for all stakeholders.
  • The business model does not assume or rely upon any “guilt premiums” or charity as its products are very competitive in the market place based purely on product quality, design, service, brand, marketing and value.
  • Bonham Strand has already received commitments to be fully funded until it reaches operational profitability and therefore can focus 100% on sales, marketing and producing the finest and greatest value bespoke suits in the market.

Competitive Advantages

  • Quality craftsmanship: 100% Made in Hong Kong by veteran master tailors, seamstresses and apprentices with a focus on product integrity, attention to detail and the highest level of service in the market.
  • Unconditionally guaranteed.
  • At your office or home door-to-door measurement, fitting and delivery (Hong Kong Island & Kowloon).
  • Superior value: Innovative business model, strong cost efficiencies, overhead control, quality control and productivity allow Bonham Strand to deliver quality product at undeniable value while ensuring significantly more equitable economics for our valued artisans. Think premium fair trade coffee without the guilt price premium.
  • Committed and trusted partners: Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, Wiseknit, academic partners and NGOs.

How to Order

  • Bonham Strand has full time staff and its first permanent workshop.
  • Bonham Strand is taking orders and already producing great products.
  • Please call +852-3563-9217, email service@bs.foundry8.com or visit our web site (www.bs.foundry8.com) to place an order or to learn more about Bonham Strand.

Satisfaction guarantee

    Bonham Strand, whose exacting quality requires it to retain some of the best craftspeople in Hong Kong, guarantees to deliver a product whose fit and finish is superior in all respects. Bonham Strand is committed to bringing its clients back to the true bespoke Hong Kong tailor. All of our products are certified to be 100% crafted in Hong Kong by our resident master tailors. Other than client fittings, at no time does the product leave our workshop in the city. We offer a wide range of the finest Italian fabrics from which to choose.