The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, paid a visit to Sham Shui Po District, visiting Bonham Strand as well.

Mr So visited Bonham Strand to see the operation of its workshop. He was glad to learn that the social enterprise had adopted an innovative business model which employed experienced tailors to teach rehabilitated youths how to make suits. The products are well received with their “Made in Hong Kong” brand.

“The way it operates is conducive to the conveyance of valuable experience while helping the rehabilitated youths to regain confidence and integrate into society. It also helps promote the ‘Made in Hong Kong’ brand. With such benefits, Bonham Strand fully demonstrates Hong Kong enterprises’ pursuit of creativity, innovation and mutual aid,” Mr So said.

Mr So (left) tried for himself the bespoke tailoring service at the Bonham Strand:

Mr So (third left) chats with a tailor at the Bonham Strand:

Mr So (centre) is briefed by the Chief Executive Officer of Bonham Strand, Mr Jong Lee (left), on the business concept of his social enterprise’s operation: