Bonham Strand team always strives to make our service more comfortable, easier and quicker for our customers. After long months of planning, research, analysis and cooperation between our tailors, sales team, management and IT we present the Bonham Strand App.

From now on, our customer service team are making appointments, entering and editing measurements and taking payments using an iPad with our own App, that makes all process quicker, streamlined and paperless.

Make an appointment and check it out!

“今時今日的辦公室比以往隨意得多了,穿恤衫牛仔褲上班的大有人在。即使穿西裝,也有無數廉價成衣可選,令訂做西裝的人越來越少,但西裝作為一種尊重場合的永恒衣着,任何男士總得有一套看門口,何不度身訂做一套好一點的?以社企方式營運的天裁行(Bonham Strand),聚集了不少從事裁縫師半世紀的職人,一於向他們請教。”


Wall Street Journal’s special article and video story on Bonham Strand and its mission.

“Hong Kong’s tailoring industry has been declining for years, with production moving to China and many tailors left behind. Bonham Strand, a local bespoke tailoring company, is on a mission to create a new business model that gives master tailors better working conditions and youth in drug rehabilitation a chance to be hired as apprentices.”