Sustainable Fashion

Give Your Old Suits a Second Chance! Exchange Suits for Bonham Strand Cash.

How many old suits do you have in your closet? Bonham Strand believes they deserve a Second Chance! Support social impact and sustainable fashion while helping yourself.

Refresh & Renew or Donate? Bring one, two or more of your old suits into our workshop so that you and our bespoke consultants can determine whether you can save money and enjoy them again with a cost effective suit refresh or to donate them for re-tailoring and use by individuals and communities in need or recycling.

HK$200 Bonham Strand Cash Voucher

for each donated suit

Best of all, receive Bonham Strand Cash Vouchers for your donated suits!* You can use our Bonham Strand Cash Vouchers for a great new Bonham Strand bespoke suit or shirt or even for alteration services.

*Limited time offer. Conditions Apply. Please ask your bespoke consultant for details.