About Bonham Strand

The art of tailoring

Redefining and restoring an industry

Bonham Strand is an award-winning maker of quality bespoke apparel for men and women that is redefining and restoring legitimacy and value to the “Made in Hong Kong” brand.

We offer unconditionally guaranteed products 100% crafted in Hong Kong, combining Hong Kong‘s colonial-era craftsmanship with a sustainable social mission to create attire with skill, warmth and heart.

Every Bonham Strand suit, outfit, shirt and button-hole passes through the hands of our master tailors with decades of experience and offers a promising avenue of self-development and elevation for the disenfranchised garment workers and at-risk youth in our community. We invite you to join us on this mission and experience the heartfelt craftsmanship behind our bespoke products.

Bonham Strand is also leading the industry in sustainable fashion. Our Second Chance program actively encourages our clients to consider refreshing or updating existing suits and seeks donations of pre-owned apparel for re-tailoring and re-use or eco-friendly recycling.

Innovative Sustainable Impact Through Product As A Service

Bonham Strand is reviving and restoring the venerable and storied bespoke industry to showcase a viable and scalable long-term business model capable of creating tens of thousands of well-paying stable and long-term career opportunities for disenfranchised communities.

Specifically, Bonham Strand’s Product as a Service Model is designed specifically to address the cancer of Empty Calorie Economies plaguing urban economies and at risk communities that may consume billions of dollars in revenue and transfer payments but creates few quality jobs and leaves little to no discretionary dollars to circulate in the local economy.

Our Product as a Service Model allows businesses to compete against bigger and dominant “product” market incumbents by leveraging the benefits of a “service” industry model including lower fixed expenses, less capital expenditure in facilities, equipment, and inventory and much greater financial allocation to high-value labor.

Our goal is to successfully and transparently scale in order for other impact investors and entrepreneurs to replicate the model into other suitable industries.

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