What is a “Custom Suit”?

What Makes A Custom Suit “Custom”?

Great Question!

Custom made suits are individually made from whole cloth and your measurements each and every time.

Genuine custom suits actually fit you because they were made only for you. Genuine Bonham Strand bespoke suits are unconditionally guaranteed to fit you like no off the shelf or made to measure suit can.

Unlike off-the rack and “made to measure” suits, genuine custom suits:

never use templates, blocks or reference model suits

are never altered from off-the-rack mass produced factory products

never use an assembly line process or come from a factory.

Fully faithful to history and tradition, Bonham Strand Hong Kong suits are made by master tailors with an average of 35 years of experience and their skilled apprentices.

Our tailors are responsible for hand cutting, basting and crafting jackets, vests and pants. Unlike mass production custom tailors, we do not “assembly-line” our suits where low skill tailors are responsible for individual elements such as pockets, linings and sleeves. While this approach might be more cost efficient for the company in the near term, talented tailors would not able to improve their skills and ability to create more value for themselves, clients and the Bonham Strand.

After master tailors hand-cut and prepare each suit, they are responsible for making the entire jacket, vest or pant for delivery to the client. Final adjustments and fittings are made by tailors specializing in suit finishing and alternations.

Our Amazing Custom Shirts and Accessories are Almost as Popular as our Suits

Crafted with as much care, passion and attention to detail as our suits and tuxedos, our Bonham Strand 100% custom made shirts and accessories are almost as big a hit with our clients worldwide as our great suits. Crafted from the finest materials and embracing classic artisanal standards, our shirts and accessories are a perfect complement for any occasion.