The Art Of Bespoke Tailoring

Experience One of Life's Great Indulgences While Supporting Social Impact

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Bonham Strand is an award-winning maker of quality bespoke apparel for men and women that is redefining and restoring legitimacy and value of the Hong Kong tailoring tradition.

We offer guaranteed unconditional quality products, combining Hong Kong‘s colonial-era craftsmanship traditions with a sustainable social mission to create attire with skill, warmth and heart.

Bonham Strand is an innovative product-as-a-local-service social impact model acting in cooperation with leading community, commercial, educational, government and professional partners.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Bonham Strand is committed to delivering custom apparel and accessories with perfect fit and finish and a traditional bespoke experience unique to Hong Kong.

We offer a wide range of the finest Italian and English fabrics, selected to ensure the highest possible quality, comfort, durability and style. However, a premium custom suit requires more than great materials. A quality custom suit’s fit, movement, elegance and balance is achieved by masterful artisanal hands and expert eyes trained to check every detail. All of our suits are crafted in Hong Kong tradition by our wonderful master tailors who ensure your suit will follow your every move with style and poise for years to come.

Having been in the bespoke tailoring industry for more than three decades each, our master tailors personify the continuity of Hong Kong’s traditional bespoke style which Bonham Strand is reviving. Unlike almost all custom tailors in the industry, we proudly guarantee your satisfaction with your all of your Bonham Strand custom suits, tuxedos, shirts and accessories.

Every Bonham Strand suit, outfit, shirt and button-hole passes through the hands of our master tailors with decades of experience and offers a promising avenue of self-development and elevation for the disenfranchised garment workers and at-risk youth in our community.

Bonham Strand is reviving and restoring the venerable and storied bespoke industry to showcase a viable and scalable long-term business model capable of creating tens of thousands of well-paying stable and long-term career opportunities for disenfranchised communities.

We invite you to join us on this mission and experience the heartfelt craftsmanship behind our bespoke products.

Social Mission

Our master tailors work closely with at risk youth and physical rehabilitation patients from partners such as Caritas and CFSC and teach them how to make neckties and bow ties; which is a great way to kick start a career in suit-making. By building their confidence while adding to their skillset in garment manufacturing, we’re adding value to their lives and our partner rehab programs.

Bonham Strand’s business model isn’t designed to provide charity. Instead, we identify people with the appropriate background and profile for the tailoring industry to create a conducive and productive environment that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and generate a greater value for all stakeholders.