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Little maintenance, Longer Usage

Brush it down

After work, Your suit collects dust and dirt,  we suggest use soft-bristled brush with natural animal hair , like the way you shave, with sweeping downward. If you don't take brush it, the grime will settle into the fibers of your suit, and the fabric will pill and lose its integrity over time.

Spot clean

​Never throw your suit into the washing machine. It'll destroy the fabrics and canvas structures. Gently dab the spot with a damp cloth or unscented wipes. If you can't shift the stain after a few tries, hand it over to our professional team.

Dry clean

Only dry clean your suit once or twice a year, before you retire it for the season. Air it out for at least 24 hours and do spot clean if the suit smelling a little ripe between cleans,

Hang it rightly

Wired hangers can damage your suit. A wide, thick, wooden hanger with round edges will help to support the shoulder, to smooth out any wrinkles, to absorb any moisture the inner canvas and lining of your suit.  Any moisture can wear down the delicate fibers of your suit.


Breathe environment

Store your suit in a lightweight garment bag, keep it clean and dust-free.  The garment bags provide smooth airflow and allow any creases to fall out naturally. Natural fabrics as wool is a breathable fabric, provide a breathable environment to your suit importantly for longer usage. Whenever you sit with your jacket on, you're stretching the armholes and back seams, which can wear it out faster.

Pack your suit smartly

 Carry a garment bag is the best way to protect your suit on the road. In order to minimize wrinkles and prevent any dust from sticking to your suit, please do the following tips. Flip the jacket inside out, and press the shoulders together, making sure the seams and lapels line up. Then, loosely roll from the bottom up. Hand up the suit as soon as possible with suitable hangers when you arrived your destination.

Rotate your suits

Give time and space for the natural fibers to rest and relax, rotate a suit twice a week maximally. The golden rule is 24 hours for lighter suits, and 48 hours for heavier suits. 


Follow our tips above, brush it, dab it, hang it, and bag it. If you've been wearing it in a smoky or smelly environment, hang it in fresh air for few hours, and contact us if you have any further questions.

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