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Styles of Men Accessories

Men Accessories are hat, necktie, belt, suspender, gloves, socks, muffler, scarf, handkerchief, tie clip, cuff links and shoes in the gentleman world.


Silk Hat, Homburg, Centre Crease, Tirolian hat, Cross Hat, Hunting Cap, Panama Hat are dressy and they match with different shapes of head, different occasions.


Men accessories are less than women's, that is why necktie are the main points in the men accessories.

Generally there are four in hand, square tie, wing tie, ascot tie, western tie, continental tie and loop-tie, and printed pattern  tie are usually for sporty.

Black suits  :   match with  Grey / Blue / Green tie with white shirts

Grey suits :     match with Blue / Grey/ Charcoal / Green / Yellow  tie with white shirts

Dark blue suits :  match with  blue / Peach / Orange-yellow  tie with white / bright blue shirts

Blue suits :      match with dark Blue / Gray /  Charcoal  with  pink/ cream/ silver-gray / light blue shirts

Brown suits :   match with dark Brown / Gray / Green with white/gray/ silver-gray shirts


Shoe style have six cutting, they are straight tip, plain toe, medallion toe, slipon, center seam, moccasin toe. They are free to match with the colors of the suits for daily uses. But for formal usage we may discuss further in our blog.

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