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Styles of Shirt

Men Shirts usually are white and being considering to match with the color and style to suits, and usually are long sleeve shirts, the cuffs longer 1 to 1.5 cm than suit sleeves. There are three names we called the shirts.

Dress Shirt

Dress shirt are Tuxedo shirts with specific structures like sturdy chest, wing collar ,multi pleated layers, specific studs buttons of the top 3 /4 ect. with black /very dark color suits.

White Shirt

White shirt is also called business shirt for daily usage. The shirt button, cuffs, designs, cuttings are simple and formal with simple color like white, light blue, light grey, light yellow, light peach, light green and with simple stripe or patterns.

Sports Shirt

This shirt are casual free with any fabric, design, could be short shirt, open shirt, aloha shirt with lighter fabric, colorful fabric.

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