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What is British Suits?

British Suits - Natural Classic Gentleman Temperament

In the traditional British suit, there are classic rules to make the suit precisely to look more gentleman. The shoulder usually slope slightly, the sleeve always undone or made it shorter than usual for turned up when the gentleman can wash his hands.  There is a horizontal loop to hold the stem of a flower worn in the buttonhole on the underside of the left lapel especially in Savile Row customers. The waist of the jacket is higher and the coat tails fall softly who used to specialize for office uniforms and riding clothes. "Stomach in , chest out" of the pants are cut to rest high on the hips and use suspenders or make by buckles or elastication to help to hold up to looks confidently and fit best on slim men. The classic British suit has two long side vents and comfortably to let hands put in pockets which regarded as a good manner in England but regarded as a bad manner in German. For classic British Tweed Jacket is always with a vent but very unusual without vents.

White pinstripes on dark blue, Gray pinstripe on Gray, Dark Gray or Black pinstripe, Nail-head pattern, Plain worsted pattern, chalk stripe and very dark prince of Wales Check or Glen check are the undisputed classic fabric choices for British suits which still remains the uniform of most stockbrokers, bankers, lawyers, and politicians.

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