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What is "Canton Tailors" ?

Canton Tailors- Express, flexible and fashionable best fit cut

The Canton Tailors are well known to the world because Hong Kong as a worldwide port for not only businessmen traveling to but also very important the military naval ship parking of. Their buying power increasing a lot of orders to Canton tailors. But their time is very limited when they come up to land, and Canton tailors are very good at flexible deals in everything. Therefore, the canton cutting fusion different countries style and techniques to fit their clients' needs. They dispatch different parts of clothes to several tailors to finish the suits. That is why the tailors only expertise on their own parts of the suits, cannot finish the whole suits by one tailor.  Huge amount of orders enhance their craftsmanship a lot, to be express, to be elegant, to be fashionable. The Canton cutting could be modified into varies range of styles to fit the clients' need such as recent Korean style fashionable and very slim fit cut. The Canton Cutting shown as slightly light and less stitching but still firmed and looks "fashionable" cut as Fashion Suits.

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