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What is " Shanghai Tailors" ?

ShangHai Tailors- Slow, detailed and delicate traditional cut

In 1920s, Shanghai bespoke tailoring industry develops well because Shanghai being as a well known business port for foreign businessmen traveling a lot. The Shanghai master tailors merge their shanghai detailed minded and delicate styles into bespoke tailoring cuttings they learnt from foreign tailors. The Shanghai Tailors are very keen on made the suits into an artworks, they put all their time, effort and heart into it. The Shanghai cutting with more stitching and parts to make the suits firmed, smooth and very comfortable fitting. Their handicraft details could shown as high standard craftsmanship artworks such as Milan eye, round pen pocket of the jacket and sesame like stitching hidden into the suits. Shanghai Style suits looks very smooth to best fit the people but not slim fit cut as called " traditional cut" as Mandarin Suits.

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